A Simple question – Pertanyaan sederhana – Millatfacebook

Ketika muncul sebuah grup yang menebarkan kebencian dan pelecehan terhada porang Yahudi serta merta Facebook memblokir halaman tersebut. Mereka berdalih bahwa penyebaran kebencian dan pelecehan berdasarkan agama atau ras tidak diperkenankan oleh Facebook.

Tetapi ketika hal tersebut dilakukan terhadap Muhammad s.a.w Facebook tidak mengambil tindakan apapun dan mengabaikan pesan keberatan dari ratusan ribu pengguna yang beragama Islam dengan dalih hal tersebut merupakan bagian dari kebebasan menyatakan pendapat.

Apakah ini bukan sebuah standar ganda??

Why did Millatfacebook launched?

“In protest of the blasphemous, anti-social and hypocritical events of ridiculing Prophet Muhammad which were supported by Facebook. Despite requests from hundreds of thousands of users, who reported the pages to Facebook, let alone taking any action they (Facebook) didn’t even bother to reply. They did reply to media though, saying that they fully supported these events and would do so in the future in the name of freedom of expression.

It’s very strange as the same Facebook administration speaking to the same media only last year stated that they cannot allow such abuse and hatred directed on the basis of religions and races. The only difference was that time it wasn’t about Islam but the Holocaust and racism (which we denounce too).

We should all express our freedom and rights with sensibility, care and consideration for our fellow human beings. My freedom shouldn’t mean that I go out on the street and start hitting my neighbour every day and say “that’s my freedom”. No, that would be an assault as for all internationally accepted laws and regulations.

Freedom of a person ends where the freedom of another person starts. So why is it that when it comes to the Holocaust or racism, this rule is respected but when it comes to the Muslim faith, it’s not? Is it the new Holocaust for Muslims in the making? The signs are the same.”



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